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The Health Message?


Like many, I am fighting the expanding of the bulge. It is time to get serious as the clock continues to tick on my life. However, it seems that proponents of Adventist health either are …

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Worship Police


It seems that everybody wants to tell you how to worship. They are either telling you to sit down and shut up, or they are telling you that you are ungrateful to God if you don’t stand up and shout.
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Spreading The Gospel


You ever run into one of these folks. They think that “telling you off” is synonymous with “preaching the Gospel?

Church Hopping in the 21st Century


Remember the old days, once you found out your pastor wasn’t going to preach you would simply go to another church. Oh those old days. Today, now church comes to you. When your pastor is …

The Groups In The Church


The Entertained Spectators – They want to get something out of church. They often show up and leave right after church. They don’t generally attend prayer meeting or any other part of the …

A Christianity Beyond Fear Or Hope


Robert Wieland, in the book Grace on Trial, writes about three motivations that are often empoyed in seeking to gain converts to Christianity. These are:
1) Pie in The Sky – Don’t you want the …

Responsibility of Membership


I had an interesting conversation with a member of one of our churches the other day. The member was dismayed at what he perceived as a small minority of the church though powerful, but …

What A Proper Burial For The Black Conferences Would Look Like


I think that the Black Conferences, regional conferences, or whatever you want to call them are on borrowed time. However, I do not like the rhetoric of those who are seeking to do away …

Can You Teach Me To Do An Adventist Sermon?


That is an interesting question that came to my box a little while ago. The preacher had visited my Soul Preaching website where I seek to teach the fundamentals of the Black Preaching Tradition. …

Harold Camping – Are Adventists Looking In The Mirror?


Harold Camping has predicted the end of the world in late May of 2011. This is not the first time he has made such a prediction. Many have gone on before.
Well …

Perfection: Stop Arguing And Start Living?


The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who was wondering about the whole issue of perfection. The subject is not talked about as much as it has been talked about …

The Lamb Horned Beast And Bombing

You know it is always interesting to listen to political partisans. They defend bombing when it is from members of their own party and condemn it when it is from others. What is …