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Preaching Black and Adventist?

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While it is almost 7 years old now, it is still the fundamental article on Black Adventist Preaching. Calvin Rock’s Article Black SDA Preaching can be found at this link.

Can we do both or must we choose one or the other? In the coming weeks we will have a discussion of this interesting and, in my opinion, important topic.

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  • Looking forward to the discussion. I read this article when I took “Black Preaching” from Cliff Jones in the Seminary and am interested in your take. As you reflect on it in future posts I’ll ask some questions it raised for me.

  • Sherman Cox II says:

    Thanks for reading…and I especially thank you for commenting. The next post in this series is scheduled to go up on Wed…

    God Bless….

  • Sherman Cox II says:

    Just a follow up

    You asked about my take on black preaching…Well over the last few months I have been building a website that is solely about black preaching. I have even written a little preaching manual that brings in insights from the Black preaching tradition called: You can Preach! You can download that book at Finally, you might be interested in these few posts:

    Perhaps the first post to read is where I define what I think that black Preaching Tradition is at:

    In this series at Sabbath Pulpit I want to tackle the question of how one does authentic black preaching as well as be true to Adventism. By Authentic Black preaching I must admit that I am talking about the tradition that I have defined in the above post. In reality, there is much disagreement over what it is and how to define it. But that post is where I put my stake in the ground. I definitely understand the postmodern argument against any kind of essentialism would have a problem with this kind of a definition, but hey…I got some problems with post modernity as well…lol…

    At any rate, I look forward to the discussion…

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